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November 2019

Impact FC Monthly Membership Meeting

November 5, 2019

Board Members In Attendance: Chris Barker, Michael Frisbee, Jaime Brown

Members in Attendance: Beth Schieck, Nicole Halterman, Amy Cummins

I.                     Call to Order: @7pm by Chris Barker

II.                   Approval of Minutes from October 2019 Membership Meeting: Beth Schieck & Jaime Brown

III.                 Financial Report presented by Jaime Brown: 10/31/19 Checking: $42K, Back page of financials shows cash due is $18K (which is mostly for upcoming spring fees yet to come in). $2500k still due for Fall 2019.  PLEASE-If you have an open balance catch up on payments!


*We do not have any scholarship money, we are still offering the $100 financial aid. We are ALWAYS looking for scholarship donations so we can offer help to those families who need it. Being mindful of future growth where we include more of the county and there will be MORE of that need.  Please consider becoming a sponsor for our club. There is a link on our IFC webpage for the ability to sponsor as an individual OR as a company.

*Those seeking scholarship money do need to fill out some paperwork and provide certain forms that will be presented to the board for decisions to be made on approval.

*Spring 2020 older boys tend to “need” more financial help. As a club it is never our desire to refuse players who work hard to be with the club.


IV.                 Autumn Blast is coming up this weekend (11/9 & 11/10). It will be cold, be prepared. Please BE MINDFUL of how you represent the club. Players should keep tempers in check AS WELL AS Parents.  We have 6 teams going this season.  So if you see CVYSA members around-encourage them to bring 6 of their teams (which for us-is like 90% of our club) to our Crossroads Classic in May. Chris, Craig, and Jason will be coaching this weekend, and Matt with the Lady Knights.

V.                   Supplemental Tryouts-These will be held November 18 & 19 for everyone except girls 15U and older.  This has changed from our original plan to hold them in January because our team ITP is due by December 5th and Teams need to be registered by January 8th.

VI.                 Adult Friday Night Pickup will continue outside, under the lights while the kids are moving indoors for the winter, beginning December 6th. Coaches will be out here playing as well because it is FUN!!  Our hope is that this will continue and grow us an adult league.  We have a partner, Fourth Creek Brewing who does want to be part of that.

VII.               Futsal: Tournament on 11/23; League and Clinics Start December 3rd and 5th (Tuesday’s and Thursday’s).  These are ALL open to EVERYONE ANYWHERE…we do have other clubs coming.

VIII.             IFC Charter: ICRD hold our Charter.  We have an IFC Executive Board and over that is ICRD Executive Board and they are meeting on December 10th to vote on the board for ICRD. The meeting is open to everyone. Chris Barker is the President of the ICRD Board. Kevin Hope is the VP. The Bylaws state that one position is to be held on the competitive side, and one is held on the recreation side.  Jaime Brown is also part of that board-she is the treasurer. The ICRD executive board exists as more of a “shell” board. It is 50/50 between the recreation side and the competitive side. Nominations do need to be put in for those positions. Meetings are quarterly.  The Board is trying to have a “festival” where kids can play and parents can come in and learn CPR, Soccer “coaching”, etc. but Spring Break schedules create 3 weekends that games would be an issue (side note-IFC is going to need to schedule games on at least one of those weekends).

IX.                 We are building our relationship with recreation (4th biggest in the state) and as part of that effort Coach Jason took one day each week this season to travel around the county and work with area recreation coaches. He went to Cool Springs, Troutman, etc. It is our goal to bridge the gap between us and them. In the email that goes out to everyone before the votes for the ICRD board-we are going to ensure that IFC is not presented in a negative light. Our mentality, as a club is it is not healthy to run up a score for players on either team. It teaches nothing and only hurts the losing the team. In recreation there is supposed to be a mercy rule that you begin pulling players off the field and create “goals” for the players to meet instead of just allowing the team to keep scoring on the losing team. One of THE biggest lessons we want our players to have is that of GOOD Sportsmanship.

X.                   Regular season is over. Aside from the Gunners, practices finish this week (Gunners have a game 11/16). We only missed one practice and hardly had to move practices indoors.  We did not, one time, need to go to Cochran Street (You’re Welcome).

*Parents Feedback on this season: No complaints made at meeting.

*IPDA-two were cancelled we will make at least ONE up. It will be done in again in the Spring. Whether or not it is the same players-or is it completely reevaluated?

      XI.           Motion for dismissal: Jaime Brown and Beth Schieck @7:57pm.




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