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Impact FC

Why YOUR Sponsorships Matter

Impact's mission and how it works:

Simply put, we are a small hometown club run by a board of volunteers. The passionate individuals that make up our team want nothing more than to be able to provide high quality soccer training to the kids who simply cannot afford it elsewhere.  We want to be the club that provides the next level of training to little Lionel or Hope, who otherwise would not be able to evolve from their recreation level game play despite the fact that they are beyond excelling. There does come a time for some players who simply cannot grow any further at the recreation level, and this is where competitive soccer clubs come in to play.

Our Professional English Premier League Coaches offer exceptional training while also joining the board in providing tools necessary for our players to succeed moving ahead beyond our club.  Did you know that Impact holds a college prep night every year?  This is just ONE of the ways that Impact nurtures our area youth that join our club.


Why is club soccer so expensive?

Soccer Clubs use professional coaches to train the players. This means that these ladies and gentlemen have gone to school, become certified in many areas, and many have played professionally themselves.  Coaching is their passion, but it is also their way of life.  Soccer Clubs pay their coaches and their salaries are worked into what the player pays over the course of the year (Fall and Spring season). We encourage you to explore our website for information from our coaches on the techniques they implement in their training sessions.

What does your donation or sponsorship do? 

Donations and sponsorships allow us to subsidize the cost for many area soccer players that can not afford the type of training that our professional coaches provide. Since the date of its inception, Impact has had to forgive nearly $75,000 in player debt. This hurts our organization, and in the end will hurt many current and potential players in our area. In order to continue providing the services we do, while helping cover costs for those who cannot afford it, as well as maintaining funds to cover costs associated with the business side of our club, we NEED YOU!  We need your shared vision for a brighter tomorrow that will result from the players who are given the fundamentals for success both on and off the field.