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Impact FC

IFC Nike KidZfit

A Youth Physical Education Program

About the Program

Introduction to the program:

We all are aware of the scary health issue our world faces today and understand the importance of staying healthy. We understand this as adults as we see it every day on TV, social media, street signage etc... It's everywhere we look. Millions of people across the world battle with heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more very real and very scary problems. 
All these issues are related to obesity caused simply by two very real problems, the food we eat and the lack of exercise. 

The United States is one of the highest ranked countries in the world that struggles most with overweight and obesity, especially between the ages of 7 years to 19 years old boys and girls. We have a critical duty as adults, parents and  educators to our world’s youth and future, to help educate and inspire the young people of today on the importance of staying healthy. 

Not only do we want to keep our children safe from future health issues, we also want our children to be happy within themselves, grow confidence, express passion and drive in everything they do. Yet again all these great characteristics we once saw in past generations is at risk thanks today's uncontrollable need of connection to technology. We watch our children with their heads buried in phones, computer games, virtual reality and much much more. 

As we see the worlds technology develop and our children more connected with gadgets, we see them become so much more disconnected from what we as people were given the gift to do, live! Our children are forgetting how to interact with one another, forgetting how to deal and figure out problems as they are so used to technology doing it for them. We are becoming a generation that is lazy, which in turn leads back to our overweight and obesity issues. 

Here at IFC we want more for our youth. It's time we bring our children back to reality and provide them the characteristics and education they need to have a driven, ambitious and a full life. 
Our program is aimed for all youth ages, levels and abilities. We offer a fine tuned physically active curriculum that is designed to inspire our participants to become creative and learn those all important life skills of interaction, problem solving, relationship building and much more through a sport tailored program. 

We invite you and your school district to add in this new amazing program to become apart of your children's learning experience and education within your school. 
Our program is the perfect ‘After School Club’ for your school to join and help battle the awful realism of obesity and technology hide away, right at its source. 

What the program offers:
. We offer a tailored made program that  best suit your school needs. 
. Time slots that best suits your day to day running of the school so our program will never interfere with your normal school schedule. 
. 1 hour long safe, fun and active sessions 
. A professional sports coach at every session. 
. A fine tuned unique curriculum that is set to engage and inspire each individual. 
. No extra resources from school needed (just a good size indoor or outdoor space to conduct each session). Our professionals will assess the suggested session location to make sure IFC will be able to provide the program’s participants a SAFE and fun experience. 
. Education on healthy eating, life skill awareness, relationship building, character building, puzzle/ problem solving, small and large group physical activity, sports education, simple anatomy education and individual/ team creativity. 
. Nike Impact FC kidZfit exclusive t-shirt and water bottle (t-shirt in school requested color. Color based on a first come first serve) This will be exclusive to school participants only.  

Participation requirements:

Each participant will be required to complete and sign an IFC general waiver form in order to participate within the Nike Impact KidZfit program.
Participants will be required to wear appropriate sports footwear such as sneakers or sports specific shoes if desired, complete with comfortable, physical activity sportswear. 
Each participant must be a registered student within a school district (State or Private) or as a home schooled student. 

We hope that you are interested in participating within this amazing new Nike Impact FC program. With understanding the goals of this program, we hope that you share the same passion as we do on providing our children a happier, healthier lifestyle, who in turn have happier and sharper mind sets to help excel within the classroom also. 
We thank you for your time and consideration and hope to work with your children and school district very soon. 

Please feel free to contact our program director Craig Hollis with any questions at all at [email protected] 

To Register for one of our 'Home School' programs please create an account with us. Once you have done this, a list of available programs will show. Simply select “IFC Nike KidZfit”.