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February 2019 Minutes

Impact FC Membership Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2019

In Attendance: Chris Barker, Michael Frisbee, Willem Durrand, Marcie Miller, Jamie Baril, Lynn Kunkle, Jana Coulter

Meeting Called to order at 7:06pm

Minutes from 1/9/2019 Approved

Marcie Miller introduced, she is our new Administrator!

NCYSA Meeting that Chris, Craig, and Jason attended:

-Two new clubs wanted to come in, one from (Barca) Charlotte and one from Raleigh (Andy Thompson), unfortunately they were voted down (30/40 and 34/36). 

-It is very important that parents and players “play nice”. In Fall 2018 42 ejections, 12 were adults (6 were from 11U-13U). 183 ejections in Spring 2018, 25 were adults. Not necessarily an issue with our club, but we do need make sure that parents understand what behavior is appropriate.  1604 certified refs, about 600 have less than a year experience, 500 have less than 3 years experience, try to encourage parents to give them a break.  Behavior that causes red cards, ejections, etc. looks bad on the club. Impact wants to maintain a clean image.  403 of the refs are only 13-15 years old. Be nice to the refs! 

-USYS is proposing on going up on what they charge NCYSA to register players ($1/player). They are considering going up on classic and challenge players and NOT the rec players because it can hurt the recreation players more than competitive players (if this passes, it would be $3/player instead of $1/player).

Justin Moose (big name in soccer in this area) has agreed to do at least a week of summer camp this summer.

College Prep Course is coming, date will be available within two weeks.  All parents of 16-19 year old players are encouraged to attend this very helpful informative meeting.  Last years course received a lot of praise and parents and players learned a lot!

ICRD/IFC Coach training is starting up soon. A lot of interest this year within the rec community. 

Coach Joe needs places to stay.  Even if it’s just a week. He only needs somewhere to sleep, shower, laundry, internet.  If anyone has a little space please consider hosting Joe for a time.

We are still looking for alternate practice locations.  President Chris Barker has spoken with quite a few different people.  If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, please let us know!!!!!!  The weather has NOT been on our side.  Even though the complex is open, it still very wet, and muddy.

Concession stand opens February 23rd. Please be sure to volunteer some time to earn some money to put towards team fees, etc. President will be sending out an email explaining new format.

Summer Camp dates are coming. We will be holding them at the the old Barium Springs YMCA which is now ICRD building and land. There will be multiple summer camps offered this year.  Last year was so much fun, please don’t miss out this year! 

For those families that are concerned with Sunday games interfering with church.  We do apologize, we realize the inconvenience this presents and do work hard to schedule around certain times. However it gets difficult with multiple teams playing other clubs with multiple teams.  However, in regards to games before 1pm, we realize that should not have happened. At this point, it really cannot be changed, but in the future scheduling will be more mindful of this.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm

Next meeting will be held on March 5th at 7pm.


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