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Fee Information/ Parent Information

Impact FC has a standard fee structure based on the level of play.  
 There are CLUB fees, TEAM fees, and COACHING fees (for professionally trained teams).  

CLUB Fees are paid directly to the club and are $260 per player

TEAM Fees are paid to to the team manager and include referee fees, tournament fees and coaches expenses.  

COACHING Fees- Teams that are coached by a Professional Coach pay a seasonal COACHING fee for weekly professional training.
Professional coaching fees for the 2018/2019 year are $350 per season for twice a week training - $500 per season for 3 times a week training.
Club/Training Fee Breakdown:

Volunteer Coach Team $260  
($100 due upon acceptance, $80 due 7/5 & 8/5) 
* Please note: Some teams may use professional coaching in addition to the volunteer coaching. These fees will be billed separately by Impact. 

Professional Coached Team U11-U14 $960  
Includes Club Fee and 2 seasons of Training fees
($180 due upon acceptance, $130 due 7/5, 8/5, 9/5 10/5, 1/5, 2/5)

Professional Coached Team U15-U19 $610
 Includes Club Fee and 1 season of Training fees
($160 due upon acceptance, $150 due in 3 payments)
Fall teams - U15-U19 girls: ($160 due upon acceptance, $150 due 7/5, 8/5 & 9/5)
Spring teams - U15-U19 boys: ($160 due upon acceptance, $150 due 1/5, 2/5 & 3/5)

All deposits submitted upon acceptance are non-refundable. 

Uniform Kits

2018/2019 Uniforms are ordered through Soccer Shop at an approximate cost of $130 per kit.  This uniform is valid for Fall 2018-Spring 2020. Upon acceptance to a team detailed information will be provided.


Necessary FORMS:
Medical Release Form.pdf

Financial Aid Forms

IFC Need Based Finacial Aid Form
Impact FC Financial Aid Acceptance Form
Volunteer Hours Sign-off Form

For more information visit contact us